As the head is bigger the sound is a little louder than the R9 but don’t mistake this for less feel as we think the TaylorMade R9 driver feels just as good and despite being a bit pricey is one of the bess adjustable drivers in the market today. Something that did not affect me or the other 3 golfers that were there. Already have an account? Signing up is free , and you’ll see fewer ads and can talk with fellow golf enthusiasts! I still like the concept and it does not deter me.

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Continue to hit golf balls at the driving range, making adjustments to the weights and FCT sleeve between every two or three balls. Without exaggerating, adjuzting R9 added yards to my average length off the tee on well-struck shots. The FCT settings affect the face angle, loft, and lie which in turn manipulates the trajectory of the ball.

R9 460 FCT Adjusting the clubhead question

Once we had the new driver in our hands it was off to the driving range and we were able to get 4 other golfers that play the original R9 to come with us to do some comparisons. If the ball continues to slice off the face of your club, move the 16 g weight to the heel of the club head and the two 1 g weights to the center and toe cavities.

Hit one or two golf balls with your TaylorMade R9 driver set in the original factory settings. Replace the driver head onto the shaft and tighten the bolt in the heel of the driver head until the R9 wrench clicks. Holiday Cheer Contest Day 3: Sign up for a new account in our community.

We’d love to have you! I agree with Erik that it’s a relatively recent thing, mostly inspired by watching TV golf.

I highly recommend this driver to anyone. Bought it from the original owner for fifty bucks. Most likely when it warms up later today I will cruise on over to the short game area for some more practice.

Taylormade R9 460 Driver Review

Turn the wrench clockwise until the wrench clicks, tightening the weights in the driver head. Ironically, the only golfer that preferred his current driver to the new club played the original R9.

Note the adjuating and flight of your ball off the face of your driver. Today would have been a great day to play but recovering from cold.

Neither of these are deal breakers for me at all. That after hitting that straight putt, the green’s adjustting, or uneven surface, and gravity takes over, and leads that straight hit ball to the cup.

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This thread is days old. The first is the headcovers that are coming out on their new drivers. Want to hide this ad? Already have an account? Leaving the 16 g weight in adjhsting center cavity can add length to the flight of your ball.

When one arrived at our offices a few weeks back it took putting them side by side to notice a difference for us. By smellysellDecember 5, in Golf Talk.

The Golf Fix: Taylormade R9 Driver Instructions � How to Configure the FCT and MWT Settings

The Aldila Reax shaft is pretty good and is a normal length shaft even though it is 1 inch longer than the standard R9 shaft. Purchased the R9 Register a new account.

The popup will be closed in 10 seconds My question what is the head postion for each open position?

Keep making adjustments to the R9 driver until you find a combination of 4660 and FCT setting that produces a true, straight ball trajectory off the club face. That coin also represents my intermediate target when on a real green, when playing for a score. It has always been my belief that all putts are straight putts to a point on the green, that is not necessarily the cup.

Or, sometimes away from the cup due to the golfer’s poor read of the green.