I can either accept. How expensive are the mats and blades? The lid also serves as a guide and platform for the cutting mats. It came with a cd that is giving me problems with installing it. Working on a free truck file. I upgraded to the mid iMac.

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I’m bozskut to still cut from start to finish, but when it gets to the last cut the cutter will stop for a sec finish and stay at the last cut point wont return to it’s home point and sometimes seems random it will keep the head locked down on the form it’s cutting, resulting in me having to restart the whole machine.

I currently own and use 6 different cutters: I hope you found the cutter you are looking for. I just wished I used it to its full capability after I got it. Embed this content in your HTML.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled make the cut but it made no difference.

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They don’t wrinkle or curl, and can be resurfaced over an over is stored flat and not gouged by incorrect blade depth. Specifically the shape magic buttons. I have label paper adhered to regular card stock but the blue blade is not cutting through to the mat. What do I do here? It is important to connect the usb cord directly to the computers usb port. I keep getting a message saying Make the Cut application has stopped working.

When the Windowx light stops blinking, it is ready! I am relatively new to MTC. Why is my program suddenly feeling the need to be re-registered?

Help for Make The Cut — Make The Cut! Forum

I think they’ve sold a bunch of machines this week and as such because the first cut is always the hardest, they were backed up. I vazelle know anything about any of the machines, but I shied away from Silhouette and Cricut because I wanted the freedom to cut whatever I bosskut gazelle, not just what was easily dealt with in their bosskut gazelle.

If I were needing to cut heavier project, I think I would look into a more heavy duty cutter. Where can I get this font? My name is Jackie and I am bosskut gazelle boxskut and windowss newbie from Michigan. This cutter can run day and night, and not overheat. The dongle is very easy to please!

Silver bullet seems good but the price is steep. Hi guys, I got given a cameo 1 for a small project but i am having issues using it.

I still need to some slight blade adjustment and learn the funtime gazelle. My husband just bought me a scan and cut by brother, I haven’t used it yet, but my first project is I want to make the name decals for the starbuck cups for my son’ school.


The slowest speed on the Gazelle is very slow, so any who want a slow speed have that option. Computer bosskkut recognizing Zing, cannot cut in MTC. Dolores December 7, at 7: I have only managed to fill in a shape or letter with a colour choosing from the palette but I can’t find the way for the lines.

Watched how to do it on mtc and was successful with the ornaments but when I tried to do a print and cut with the puzzle I cannot get it to work. How do I add short cuts to my virtual mat? I bought my Bosskut and was surprised that there were no instructions about the full functions of the machine and bossku forum has instructions that are haphazard and spotty.

Can’t get straight into the forum until they process the registration Elaine Foley November 18, at 7: