Local Service List Icon Meanings There are 3 states for the local Bluetooth services, indicated by different icon colors. We can offer you t-flash micro sd and mini SD, if you have any interest, pls kindly contact us now. You have selected the device. User Friendly DesignIn ad. Serial Port A service Connection:

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Bluetooth Driver | USB Driver

In order to connect and share services via Bluetooth wireless technology, two devices must support the same Bluetooth Profile s as well as opposite device roles i. Figure 1 Add: You can also form networks and exchange data with other Bluetooth enabled computers or PDAs. Check the By Name checkbox, enter the Name of the device, and click on the Find button. If the Auto-Run function of CD-ROM is enabled Windows default setting of this function is usually enabledthen an installation procedure will appear automatically.

In the pop-up menu, click Exit. You can also exit BlueSoleil by right-clicking on the task tray icon at the bottom of your screen. Operations Single-click on the icon to select the service.

HPTPS-BT01 Bluetooth USB Dongle User Manual TPS-BT02_manual_Ivt_ Hong Puu Technology Co., Ltd.

It may take a few horuw, please wait it finishes the installation. Configure the properties of the local device e. Dongle-is10002n the list of remote devices detected by BlueSoleil. Bluetooth software is always running in the background on the server, ready to respond to connection requests. Display the Bluetooth address of remote device which connect to the service. Bluetooth system tray shows Bluetooth Adapter is working normal 3. User Friendly DesignIn ad. It also includes micro electro-mechani.

Drivers Download: Bt Dongle Isn Horus Module Windows 7

When you first connect the HID device to your computer, BlueSoleil sets up the devices so that they will automatically reconnect in case the connection is ever broken. For example, the program may request a connection to a remote computer, a cellular phone, or a modem, or a GPS. Right-click to display a pop-up menu of related operations.

Display BlueSoleil Control window.

Add a remote device from history list. The Bluetooth Device is not available. The normal state of the device.

The Bluetooth service is available on the selected remote device. Installation To prevent potential problem during installing the software, please do not plug in any Bluetooth Device i.

BT Dongle Is1002n Horus Module

Sleek Form FactorGg03a makes little compromise in spite of its diminutive form factor. Delete the selected device from the history list.

The vivotech gps hous bluetooth GPS receiver is a compact global position system receiver with bluetooth wireless communication. If you select Refresh Devices, the list of previously detected devices will not be cleared. BlueSoleil allows MS Windows users to wirelessly access a wide variety of Bluetooth enabled digital devices, such as cameras, mobile phones, and headsets, printers, and GPS receivers. Access BlueSoleil Online Help.

Only one Headset or AV Headphone connection horis exist at a time, since there is only one virtual Bluetooth audio device. It performs the high performance, easily portable, wireless. With BQB certified circuit layout and production setup support from ISSC, the Horus module is considered the fast time to market, low developing cost and risk free solution for Bluetooth manufacturers.

Indicate the location of where you want Bluetooth Software to be stored; if you do not change the default settings, it will be stored under C: You can find correct working Bluetooth device in here. Give this Bluetooth service computer a name and computer type, let the other Bluetooth identify.