Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. I think it’s one of those golfing fallacies that emerged from thinking when you hit down on the ball you squeezed it against the ground.. The Best Type of Golf Ball. Everyone knows with your driver you want to be on the upswing when you hit the ball, because of the small loft it helps get the ball in the air. A 90 or higher compression is a hard ball used for low handicap golfers. The rub is rather like being a concert piano player: The forward shaft lean and a good impact position is the holy grail everyone is looking for.

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Compress The Ball For Better Iron Shots

If a golfer has a lower swing speed, a lower compressed ball will spring more off the club. But Jamo I think what thhe to happen in these discussions is the linking of several “at contact” ideas.

Im not saying that I think everyone should do it but I was taught golf by a pretty oldschool guy a former combat medic during WW2 to be exact and Ive always liked the practice.

It’s all about getting your weight forward at impact and having a flat left wrist, which leads to good shaft lean and natural compression. Compression measurements for all objects range from zero toand golf ball compressions range from as low as 40 to a high of nearly Posted April 8, This thread is days old.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Hitting a ball with a certain level golf seed corresponds to the compression number itself. Conversely, a golfer with a higher swing speed should use a higher compressed ball as the ball doesn’t compress as much, traveling shorter distances, but will have more control.

If not, please start a new topic. On the way down? Is it forward of the line or behind the line?

Excellent comments by Zeph and Joekelly. There are tons of threads here about it. The best low-compression ball for you is the one that flies longest and truest, not necessarily the most expensive ball or the ball from the biggest name manufacturer.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Balls may be marked with manufacture names, ball types and compression numbers. Compression creates density in the golf ball, which may affect comprezsing and loft. In fact, two-piece distance balls, offered at online sellers, can cost three to holf times less than premium models.

Compress the Ball with Right Arm Drill

These balls tend to comprdssing longer than low-compression balls made for better players and they cost much less. Looks like New Kent and Stonehouse have new owners and will reopen in Multi-Layer Golf Ball Technology.

Back in the old days, Im talking like s hereit was common custom for a man to take his hat off at various times. Gplf 90 or higher compression is a hard ball used for low handicap golfers. Most low-compression balls range from 70 to 80 compression, although you can find compressions as low as Sign up for a new account in our community. On the way up?

Compress The Ball For Better Iron Shots – Country Club New Bedford

I can’t even make out what you are trying to say. Use baby powder to draw a line on the ground or hit balls out of a faiway bunker or put a tee or something in the ground next to the ball.

BUT I would say its immaterial and another thread as to whether you come into impact with lag, no lag, flat wrist, bent elbow or one handed Those who disagree appear to be a bit more serious about it. I would say it probably far predates that.

What Is Golf Ball Compression? | Golfweek

If your swing speed is less than 85 mph, a low-compression th ball is likely to be your best choice. Register a new account. It doesn’t matter if I hit down on my iron or I tee my ball up on 1 foot tee peg and hit it to the moon. You want to compress the ball.