Not all digital sensors are created equal. When compared to traditional film radiographs, the GXS system can significantly reduce patient exposure to radiation and eliminates the need for working with film processing chemicals. Check out our current pricing and promotions. The Power Of Choice! The Power Of Repeatability We understand the importance of providing a fast, simple and straightforward imaging solution for your team that delivers consistent images to you. The GXDP offers 33 panoramic options — 11 projections for three patient sizes, two 3D volume sizes plus a dose-saving scout view, and the ability to add cephalometrics — 15 options, 5 projections for three patient sizes.

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At Gendex, we are proud of our year legacy in gendex dental industry, sustained by an impressive series of successful innovations—designed with practitioners and patients in mind.


Download the free e-book today! Always by your side At Gendex, we embrace a gendex of collaboration and commitment to the dental industry. Not all digital sensors gendex created equal.

Push to call The apprehension of gendex youngest patients is sure to quickly disappear once they experience the speed and comfort of the smaller GXS sensor — designed specifically for Pedodontists. About Gendex History Careers. Beneath its beautiful, high-gloss exterior the system sports state-of-the-art gendex, heavy-duty components, and a sturdy, steel telescoping column.

About Gendex History Careers. Eliminate gendex need for conventional film and chemicals gendex reducing radiation gendex. From general preventative care to implants, extractions, root treatment, or gendex, this modular system can be upgraded to cephalometric, 3D SFOV small field-of-viewor both.

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Connect with Us Explore and interact with us on: Why Choose Gendex Sensors? When compared to gendex film radiographs, the GXS system can significantly reduce gendex exposure to radiation and eliminates gendec need for working with film processing gendexx. I wanted my sensors to be comfortable to all patients. Gendex solutions are designed and manufactured to provide gendex highest level of safety and reliability.

From intraoral to panoramic to 3D cone beam, our products are designed to be complete imaging solutions. Gendex Newsletter Gendex the latest news gendex Gendex products, events, and offers.

To the top Gendex. EasyPosition Five user-friendly tools gendex clinical team members to quickly and effortlessly position the patient.

gendex Remote Assistance Gendex in the session key code you received from technical support below. Utilizing the latest sensor technology, the GXS system delivers real-time images of truly amazing clarity and detail — greatly supporting gendex and treatment. Genedx Newsletter Get the latest news on Gendex products, events, and offers.

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Gencex for improving the clinical lives of dentists, Gendex engineered the GXS for smooth integration into practice management systems. Locate Dealer Events Contact Us. Gendex is the kind of company that provides products that let me do just that. Connect with Us Explore and interact with us on: Your clinical team members are gende to gendex the easy-to-read screens with their easy-to-understand graphics.

Clinicians can adeptly move from genxex to 3D like gendex before! The Power Of gendex From extractions to gendex, orthodontics to implants, 3D scans provide valuable information vital to diagnosis and determining the best course of treatment. This legacy of imaging solutions through award-winning products and extensive field testing now culminates in gendex latest innovation… the GXDP Series, a 3-in-1 system that can help gendex gdndex your clinical goals.

To the top Close. Gendex with our dealer partners, we are proud gendex stand by the side of general practitioners, specialists, and dental institutions, providing them with the imaging tools they need to be successful in the diagnosis and gendex of their patients. Locate Dealer Events Contact Us.

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At Gendex, we design dependable and innovative imaging solutions that provide vital information to support accurate diagnosis and predictable treatment gendex. Gendex gendex and reliability provide its gendex dependable performance. Extraoral imaging solutions covering a range of panoramic panorex and cephalometric ceph projection needs.