The reason for the purchase? Plus, it incorporates an MP3 coder working in the real-time mode. This winter the guys from iRiver came to Russia to share their plans and new solutions which were to be officially announced at CeBit in March. I can’t say how long this pad is going to serve because it’s necessary to press it back strongly to get to the USB port. I hope new firmware versions will let us use Ogg Vorbis or MP3Pro formats which are so popular these days.

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The record quality entirely depends on the source, and if the iriver ifp 380t is very good, the quality will hardly differ from the original. It can be enough to get to the work and maybe back.

iRiver iFPT – digital player – CNET

More items related to this product. Press the joystick briefly to invoke the NAVI function, i. The iriver ifp 380t allows editing, loading and unloading the list of stations. Now let’s see what the player has more to offer.

The player won’t let you record files or change the firmware version if the charge remained is too low. There are a lot of different views about it. The reason for the purchase? The ieiver of files looks like a tree of directories by iriver ifp 380t with the computer file system.

The player supports all types of MP3 files.

Download Iriver iFPT MP3 Player Firmware for OS Independent

Plus, it incorporates an MP3 coder working in the real-time mode. I was always interested in products of this young but rapidly developing company. That was October of and my SanDisk if tak en a better punch than i thought, and now i can buy back the iriver,i still iriver ifp 380t that sound, look and user quality of iriver ifp 380t Iriver i once had when Katrina took my personal things away from me. Besides, sound is much distorted in case of files of the v.

I can’t say how long this pad is going to serve iffp it’s necessary to press it back strongly to get to the USB port. The bitrate can be changed from 8Kbps to Kbps, and the sampling rate from My lithium battery is slowly going, so I needed another to replace. In our lab we tested the iriver ifp 380t model. The rostrum houses a 4-way mini joystick for navigating the menu iriver ifp 380t player’s contents and for adjusting the volume level i.

I will always like the added ability of the line in, that is what separates Iriver from the rest.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: I think that iirver holster is more suitable than a neck strap just because it looks more advantageous and because many wear cell phones on the neck.

Players of this class are often called city models. The hold contains fuel – an AA battery. Also, you can add a small tag with the iriver ifp 380t name 6 symbols only.

On the other hand, it’s iriver ifp 380t better since a user has more time to finish all operations. But iRivers technical specialists promise, that new iFP will be available soon.

Well, iRiver’s players always worked kriver with Mp3 files. Dictaphone Record quality of the dictaphone suffices for unprofessional use since the mic’s sensitivity is not very high. Upon using it i immediatley fell in love with iriger and its cool looks attracted attention, and its sound quality iriver ifp 380t great, i was hooked for life with it.

All iRiver’s players can boast of a wide range of iriver ifp 380t settings; the parameters available in this menu are almost the same for different types of players. I couldn’t find much difference between two files.

iriver iFP-380T 128MB MP3 Player overview

It kfp helps you to make your iRiver Iriver ifp 380t player like a traditional Flash-drive. On the other hand, the receiver is sensitive enough to have hold of a signal; the number of stations found in auto scanning has iriver ifp 380t exceeded the limit of First of all we tested MP3 files as they are the most popular. Summary The new Flash player iRiver iFP inherits all strong points from the previous model and sports some new useful features.