Read on for our brief impressions after spending a few days with the mini-display. The monitor stand, however, has some heft to it — although the monitor itself probably won’t survive a fall off a high ledge, as long as it’s screwed to its base and placed on a steady surface it’s unlikely that anything beyond a direct hit is going to send it crashing to the floor. Doing this is quite simple. Plastics seem decent quality, and there are grippy rubber feet on the base to stop it from sliding around the desk. The is easy to view in daytime, low light and overhead task lighting at night. The hardware manager shows one USB display device, both monitors Mimo and laptop screen , and of course the ATI video device, all supposedly properly working. Now here is something different in the Studio:

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Both come with the same well-weighted stand, which tilts back and forward; mimi chromed knob holds the screen itself in place at a range of heights. Average rating, based on 15 ratings. Doing this is quite simple. Also available are the UM, which includes a webcam and a mic for, and the UM, mimi touchscreen variation of the But this is a problem easily solved: I purchased the diminutive screen to add to my laptop for viewing my real time social media feeds on their own dedicated billboard as I work on my main laptop screen.

I first connected the monitors via the USB plugs before installing any software, but quickly realized I needed to install the drivers first.

In Friendfeed, I get four or five Twitter-sized feed entries, the text post box on top and my filters along the side, which is ample information for my purposes.

Audio output is merely a pass-through, useful perhaps if your PC is under the desk and you regularly want to plug in headphones. Since our review samples were the original Korean models, Nanovision instead emailed us the driver installer.

Nanovision MIMO UM (7″ USB Display) [ USB Displays ]

Each display also rotates degrees, though they have to be at their highest point not to foul the base. The webcam on the UM installs at the same time as the DisplayLink drivers, and shows up as a separate imaging device.

Your report will help other customers to better judge about the products. The is easy to view in daytime, low light and overhead task lighting at night. Loss of settings occasionally happens to me, but not necessarily when I close un-710 lid.

The base attaches to the screen with that big chrome knob. It fits well my tight workspace — the corner of an island in my kitchen, taking up a mere 8 by 4 inch plot size.

Plastics seem decent quality, and there are grippy rubber feet on the base to stop it from sliding around the desk. As indicated above, you can orient the Mimo in either portrait or landscape mode.

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Nanovision Mimo UM-710 hands-on and impressions

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Another advanced button on this screen drills further down into adapter type and modes, screen refresh, trouble shooting, and color management. While there are cosmetic differences between the two displays, the primary changes are the inclusion of a mjmo and 1.

A value of 5 means the best possible rating. So, our grumble was to be the absence of a touchscreen version.

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And you can benefit from reports other customers are giving. The truth is that I can see just fine on it. Say it with me, all together, with feeling: The Mimo logo appears right above the USB plug jack, nimo the middle of one of the long sides of the screen.

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