If you want to capture what you are seeing in the terminal, don’t use Direct Capture. Mainly I am wondering where the spy attaches. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Maybe the “free” version is a discontinued line and they isn’t really the same software. It is more for debugging the PC internal software than the app or external device. This forum section is a read-only archive which contains old newsgroup posts. USB serial ports appear at some port number.

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It has no support for dialing modems, BBS etc – that is what hyperterminal does.

I think you can do the terminal linking with programs like Termite as well. Both ascii and binary strings can be sent. Previous 1 2 Next.

RealTerm – Serial Terminal |

GULP swallows a character each time it is pressed. Realterm is an easy way to use it. Pin states can be set manually. Since it looks like OP is using Windows, com0com http: Now you can see both sides of the conversation.

I guess I should check eBay. On Thu, mlde Jul So, those Right to Copy chinese people do what they want, ill buy their crap and use it. The first problem made me think something was getting overlapped. This allows a real serial port to be aliased across the network.

A Tool For Spying On Serial Data

Is there a saleae clone available? If you want to capture what you rdalterm seeing in the terminal, don’t use Direct Capture.

The setup is pretty simple. April – 0: Sending Char Sequences Often you want to send special chars strings or strings repeatedly, or send them quickly.

On Jul 11, 4: This makes a telnet connection to the remote machine. The XOR term allows you to invert some realtern all data bits.

Macromedia hijacks pc cams and audio, helps ad companies spy on you! I needed the same thing, but portable. If needed, I can rig up the special cable with two monitor s;y ports and use RealTerm in monitor mode to show the two directions in an interleaved display.

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RealTerm Spy Mode

Note that ActiveX is a better way to do complicated tasks. The TX and RX lines are then tapped into.

The indeterminate delays in Windows mean that you can’t rely on the sequence being exactly as it happened. I ended up using a logic analyzer, but realtime monitoring would have been a hell of a lot easier.

Using the ActiveX interface you can easily send strings from excel or other apps. Learn how your comment data is processed.

On Wed, 11 Jul Generally they set the corresponding widgets. Should be first param. It can either capture “direct” or via the terminal window.